Barbie Power Wheels

Barbie Power Wheels Ford Mustang

Barbie Power Wheels Pink Mustang

  • $289.28
  • This little Barbie Power Wheels Ford Mustang will get your little girl started at a safe speed, as well and her joy from driving around a very good looking barbie car. The pink colors and pretty design makes every girl want to ride it all day.
  • This barbie car has an in-dash stereo system that plays recorded music and makes engine noises that sound very real when the car is started. Barbie Mustang pack 12 volts of power under its custom detailed hood.

Power Wheels Barbie Cadillac Escalade

Power Wheels Barbie Pink Cadillac

  • $765.89
  • If you want your daughter to roll around in style then this is her car. Barbie has her own Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade with in dash stereo and a boom box speaker set in the back. This truck seats two young ladies very comfortably
  • This Barbie SUV has working doors and you can see through the windows. With a chrome grill and wheels your daughter will look class driving down the neighborhood in this. It also comes with a battery indicator so you know how much play time you have left.

Power Wheels Mini Cooper

Power Wheels Barbier Mini Cooper

  • $189.00
  • Check out this Pink Power Wheels Mini Cooper made by national products. This car is equipped with an FM radio in the dashboard and an automatic breaking system. Even comes equipped with a working horn to let everyone know your coming.
  • This car goes about 2mph and is powered by a 6 volt battery. With is realistic design and cool racing stripes this mini cooper has landed a place on every girls wish list.

Pink Power Wheels Barbie Jeep

Power Wheels Barbie Jeep

  • $375.16
  • Pack up and get ready for adventure because barbie has come equipped with her pink jeep wrangler. With a in dash stereo and enough room for you and a friend. There is no telling what kind of adventure in in store for you. Seats two little ladies very comfortably.
  • This Barbie Jeep has two speeds available and run on a 12 volt battery. It also can drive in reverse in case you need to park it in a small parking spot. This jeep has working doors and plenty of room in the back to store things.

Pink Power Wheels Barbie KFX

Power Wheels Barbie KFX

  • $229.99
  • This pink barbie four wheeler will have your girls enjoying all kinds of outdoor fun, not only is it cute and pink but it is also safe for children. It is a great way to start you little lady our on an ATV.
  • This ATV is made by Kawasaki and is one tough pink 4 wheeler. I can handle off road conditions and runs for fourteen hours on one 12 volt battery. With thirteen inch tires and solid handlebars, this barbie 4 wheeler is just like the real thing.

Power Wheels Barbie

Their variety with vehicles is actually extremely well known among the young ladies with regard to apparent Barbie obsession factors, and that has guided Fisher Price to create a growing number of Barbie Power Wheels designs in order to utilize this kind of Popularity. These particular Barbie Power Wheels ride on toys even delivers precisely the same electrical power as well as options that come with the Kawasaki 4 Wheeler so we don't permit the ladies to be left behind because of the buy faster cars.

If you are merely starting, the Girl's Lil Quad is perfect. Meant for younger ladies one and a half years to four yrs this absolutely awesome Barbie Power Wheels VW Bug will definitely make heads turn. Regrettably, not every Barbie Power Wheels design has gained the exact same amounts of satisfaction as well as rankings by every mom and dad as well as young ladies.